In the heart of Freiburg Trilingual (DE/FR/EN)

In the heart of Freiburg Trilingual (DE/FR/EN)


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Dr. André Clerc
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Nicole Schmutz Larequi
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Elmar Wohlhauser
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Jérémie Overney
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Marco Schwartz
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Law firm

Avocats Anwälte is a law firm located in the heart of the city of Fribourg. The firm consists of the following partners, André Clerc, Nicole Schmutz Larequi, Elmar Wohlhauser, Jérémie Overney und Marco Schwartz. The field of activity of the attorneys extends from legal advice to representation of clients before court authorities and the administration throughout Switzerland. The lawyers practice in German, French and/or English

Field of activity

Advising and representing clients in family law (divorce, separation), inheritance law, adult and child protection, property law, etc.

Defence of accused persons, private plaintiffs and victims in criminal matters.

Advice and representation of clients and companies in the field of commercial, contract and labour law.

Advising and representing clients before administrative authorities and administrative justice authorities in administrative law matters.

Advice and representation of construction companies, clients and tenants in building and tenancy law.

Advice and representation of clients in civil liability, tax and insurance law.



The training of trainee lawyers has a long tradition in our firm and is close to our heart. Our office offers internships for prospective attorneys at law at the conditions customary in Freiburg and regulated by Freiburg legislation.

We offer a professional internship under the supervision of one or several partners and the possibility to complete a bilingual internship.

Applicants with a previous court internship, fluent German and/or French and quick learning capabilities are preferred.



Our office is located in the heart of the city of Freiburg. Our offices are five minutes’ walk from the train station and a few steps from the Saint-Pierre bus stop. There are several underground car parks nearby (Fribourg Centre, Manor, Parking des Alpes). The building is equipped with a lift and has access for disabled people.